Please Pardon the Mess, I am Under Construction

I’ve been away from my camera for a little while.

Life got busier, I changed cities, started a family, have been working in another field for the past four years just so I could provide for them. It happens.

This past fall, however, I started taking courses in social media with the aim to brush up my skillset and pad out my resume. I hadn’t thought about it in a little while, but early in to the first course, I decided that I would make the focus of my projects, and of my learning, my self as a photographer. It made sense.

So over the next little while I will be brushing the dust off of this website, with the addition now of this blog. I know that before I drifted away from it, I did have a plan for the kinds of things I was going to write about. I know that because, even though there weren’t any actual posts here yet, I had already mapped out a series of Categories to sort the posts into:

  • About Me: You have to start somewhere, I guess. Perhaps a bit self-explanatory, but these will be posts that deal with matters that are a bit more personal, rather than directly photo-related.
  • Roundup: An overall look at a particular photoshoot.
  • One for the Book: Dissecting images or projects that I think are amongst my stronger work, things that I feel are portfolio-worthy.
  • Getting it Right In-Camera: As I progress and improve my photography my goal, ultimately, is to spend a lot less time sitting in front of the computer after a shoot fixing the things I didn’t catch at the time. This will focus on how I do that.
  • Photo Lab: Discussions about post-processing, for those times when you actually do need to go in after the fact.
  • Gearhead: Discussions about the gear I use, or maybe some gear I wish I had access to.
  • Tutorial: For tutorials, obviously.

I am still working out exactly who this blog is supposed to be aimed at, so I haven’t 100% decided to use every one of these yet. Some of them, like About Me, Roundup and One for the Book, are more aimed at photo clients, or at least as-much-of-interest to potential photo clients as they would be to other photographers. The remainder, I would say, are probably more of interest to other photographers, though not exclusively so. The question then is, which group do I want to cater to the most? This is something I will (hopefully) be working out in my current course, Developing a Social Media Strategy.

How about you, dear reader? What kinds of things would you find of interest around here? What would keep you coming back? Please take a moment to let me know down in the comments.

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