About Me

Simpler Times & Beautiful Things

Funny thing — the more I got into photography over the years, the fewer photos I actually seemed to take. When I got my first digital camera I carried it around with me everywhere. I was smitten. But it seemed like the more “serious” I got about my photography, the more I got into lighting […]

Please Pardon the Mess, I am Under Construction

I’ve been away from my camera for a little while. Life got busier, I changed cities, started a family, have been working in another field for the past four years just so I could provide for them. It happens. This past fall, however, I started taking courses in social media with the aim to brush […]

In Search of Community

I’ve been thinking lately about community, and projects. So much of this blog and other assignments for this course have been focused on photography, and looking at how to get myself back on track in the business of being a photographer. Mostly what I’ve been thinking about has been how to build back some of […]

Meet The Hustler

Back in 2009 I was starting to zero in on the kind of images I really liked to make: portraits and fashion photography using off-camera lighting. I had been experimenting with off camera lighting for a little while, having purchased my first flash the year before. In the latter half of the year, I even […]

Moving at the Speed of Social Media

There was a time when it seemed like I had enough time to try all the things social media had to offer.  Every week there was a new app to check out, a new site to join my friends on, a new experience to be had. I jumped on to Livejournal, Friendster, MySpace, VSCO, Tumblr, […]

How Social Media Helped Make Me a Photographer

I dabbled in photography twice in the 90s — first for a course at university, and second as part of the graphic design program at Seneca College. Both times were using film cameras, and while I really did enjoy the process of taking pictures, I really didn’t know what to do with them once I […]